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🍐 explore a cute world!

🍐 exciting shooter gameplay!

🍐 chat to npc's

we are very happy to have made this game, so thank you for checking it out!

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Authorsfruit friend, vemu games, Chris Vel


Buy Now£1.69 GBP or more

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pear potion (version 1.6.1).zip 39 MB
pear potion (version 1.6).zip 39 MB
pear potion (version 1.5).zip 39 MB
pear potion (version 1.4).zip 38 MB
pear potion (version 1.3).zip 38 MB
pear potion (version 1.2).zip 38 MB

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So glad I checked out this game. I accidentally bought it twice at full price but....whatever. The game is criminally underpriced for its content anyways so I honestly don't mind. 

I've been following this game since the pandemic. I played the demo and adored it, but only very recently did I finally have time to sit down and play the game and....I love it!! It's whimsical, mysterious, and challenging. I've been playing it with my sister (haven't beat it yet). Both of us suck at video games but we are having a lot of fun. It reminds me a little bit of melon journey but with actual challenging gameplay. 

I was wondering, is the demo still available for download anywhere? I've been trying to find it but it doesn't seem to be available. I remember completing the demo awhile back before the game came out, and I'd love to revisit it because some of the parts I really enjoyed were taken out of the final game. 

Thank you so much for creating such an awesome game, fruit friend!! 

Absolutely wonderful, everything I could have wanted in a game! Froggy perfection. Just wondering, could there be an option to not have the save deleted upon completion? I understand if this cannot be done though! <3


ooh I like this, will play it.

Check out Rabbit's Quest on my channel... it's the same theme :)

made a little video


 I did everything according to the recipe, and the result really surprised me! Liked the minimalistic execution of every aspect of the game, from the art style to the exploration; it seems to me that this is the secret of the game's charm. Still beating it, having fun :3 Experience is really inspiring; in fact, the style of the game even inspired me to create my own project...

this is wonderful, and so nicely put! thank you and good luck with your project!🥰


Made the last episode


Made a video full of slime


Enjoying this so far :) just a quick bug to report: The first time I played, there seemed to be two instances of the music playing, that weren't in sync with each other, and it sounded really messy.  But when I restarted the game it was fine the second time.

hey thank you for playing!!!

and thank you for the bug report! looking into this now :)


I can't believe I could actually beat a bullet hell game. Darn is pear potion awesome and cute.

amazing work!!!!!! thank you so much and thank you for playing beatrate!


Made another video


another awesome part!


Made a video


fantastic video! thank you both so much! i love watching you play through😍


Happy you enjoying it so far now we just have to get the rest of the videos out


can't wait!!! :)

It's very lovely! Some early feedback: I can't use a Nintendo Switch Pro controller connected by USB - for some reason it thinks I'm constantly mashing buttons. I'm also having trouble getting it to recognise a wireless XBox 360 controller - it worked once but doesn't seem to anymore. Does it assume there's only one controller, perhaps? I have other devices (a keyboard and mouse) that _can_ function as controllers but are mostly not useful for playing games. Lastly, is there any way to disable mouse capture? Or at least release it when in a menu?

hey thank you!!! and thanks for letting us know about these issues - we'll try and have them fixed in the next patch :)

we didn't test with a switch pro controller (think we might have a fix anyhow) but wireless should be fine hmm.

works with keyboard and gamepad at the same time, but not sure if you have lots of controllers plugged in.

thanks for mentioning the mouse capture, looking into that now :)

thanks again for playing🍐❤️

just uploaded version 1.4 which hopefully allows your switch pro and bluetooth controllers to work <3


Awesome game!  Loved every minute of it!  So charming.





thank you!!!!!!!!


You're Welcome!!

can it be played with WASD and mouse?

yeah! well, keyboard WASD to move and Z to shoot :)

don't need a gamepad to play :)