version 1.6 update notes!

another incredible week! thanks again to everyone that has been playing and reviewing pear potion🍐. the amount of people being into the game has really blown us away. thank you.

and we changed some cool stuff just in time for the weeked:

  • fixed the iframes so they are back to as intended (the bug caused them to reset to 1/3 of the frames)
  • ...removed the Jasmine boss fight exploit position (sorry but it's more fun this way) ^^
  • improved the bullet hitboxes (including Jasmine's)
  • dust and slimey wands bullets now shoot correctly even if standing directly on the floor
  • you can no longer exit the review screen before the achievements have had time to trigger

we are having lots of fun working on some bonus stuff for the game and looking forward to showing that at some point!

thanks everyone! have a nice weekend!

- fruit friend & Chris Vel


pear potion (version 1.6).zip 39 MB
Mar 12, 2021

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