version 1.6.1 update notes

we weren't planning on doing another update this weekend, but it's a cool fix so adding it now :)


  • removed the movement inertia that people didn't like for both keyboard + dpad inputs (it wasn't present on gamepad analog sticks)
  • dialogue 'next' arrow now only appears when you are able to make the input
  • changed the way version numbers work! now showing [big.medium.small], so this one is 1.6.1

hope this is a nice fix for the movement issues, please message either of us on twitter DM's if this doesn't work or you have other similar issues as we have trouble noticing this stuff haha!🧙

have a great weekend,
fruit friend & Chris Vel


pear potion (version 1.6.1).zip 39 MB
Mar 14, 2021

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