version 1.5 - text effects added!🐸🐸🐸

we finally figured out how to do the text effects we originally wanted in the game. kinda had to wait till release and fix any initial bugs, but now text effects are in the game!! frogs can talk in green now!!! the dream has been achieved! ;)


  • text effects added
  • slightly altered the timing of playing text (slightly faster for npc's, slight delay for cutscenes)
  • removed the m key from giving an achievement (was a debug thing accidently left in)
  • fixed a couple more typos and spelling mistakes >>
  • fixed one of the random slime tiles giving a collision
  • updated the itch page to have more readable fonts for the comments and log pages :)
  • fixed the bug where two audio tracks play at once sometimes after the first cutscene
  • pressing start on the pause menu no longer reopens it instantly
  • frogs and slimes are now 100% more awesome to talk to

thanks again to everyone that has reviewed and enjoyed the game! the steam reviews and itch comments are literally incredible, thank you!


pear potion (version 1.5).zip 39 MB
Mar 05, 2021

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