version 1.4 update notes!

huge thank you to everyone who has bought and played the game the last few days! there are already a dozen great reviews and they are just lovely to read - thank you!!!

today's changes:

  • added slight effects + another slime to the ending with the intention of guiding the player if they made it to the right place.
  • gave one of the jungle enemies an extra projectile ;) (the dark green one)
  • cannot use alt+enter to switch fullscreen now. this fixes the bug where it switched fullscreen randomly.
  • made some changes to (hopefully) make even more gamepads work (switch pro, bluetooth controllers and random joysticks)
  • tiny map changes (nothing important)
  • fixed two more typos

hope you enjoy the slight changes - we have something much more exciting and flashy in the works too!
if you have found any other errors or issues totally let us know!

thank you so much for playing,
vemu games 💙


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Mar 02, 2021

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