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catch bugs in the summer sun!


πŸ“ cute story mode

πŸ“ relaxing arcade gameplay

πŸ“ 20 minute playtime

🐸 ???

πŸ“ new arcade mode


πŸ‰ move - arrow keys

πŸ‰ net - z


game - fruit friend & Christian Vel

music - Rolemusic and sawsquarenoise

don't forget to post your hi-scores ;) 🐞

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
Authorsfruit friend, Chris Vel, vemu games
Tags2D, Arcade, bugs, covid-19, Cute, Pixel Art, Relaxing, Retro, Singleplayer, wholesome


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Can you see if you can get rid of the black pixels around your character?

Other than that. Cute.

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Simple, cute, and fun arcade style game with a short "story mode" as well as a "arcade mode" for various playstyles. The art and music is nice, though there is a black square outline to the main character not present on other sprites which seems odd.

Ultimately, a very well executed game, each "run" takes about 10 minutes but the game can be played repeatedly for higher scores. I could imagine playing this on an actual arcade machine, as it's so well done and looks the part.


Sweet fruits, cute bugs and a wholesome short story- that is an adorable little game! Perfect for a short session during a break. The artwork during the cutscenes is also really nice and the soundtrack fits in wonderfully, too. Well done!

High score is 3255. :)


thank you for the lovely words!πŸ›πŸ›πŸ›and wow really great score, well done :D <3


what game engine was used?


we used unity <3 :)

oof ok

oof ok


I enjoyed this! It has an old-school arcade feel and I appreciated the lack of an antagonist. Also, the bug screams are A+


First try story mode: 3120

First try arcade mode: 1230

This game was a fun simple experience. The game is very simple, but like some older arcade games there is a lot of fun to be had! It's enjoyable, and the controls are very intuitive.

However, there were certain instances where if some bugs were uncatchable, and to an extent, unfair. The bug net had some weird hitboxes, as do the bug's visions (sometimes they can see me from across the screen, and other times can't until they're right in front of me). 

But those complaints aside, this game is pretty great. I would suggest making it easier on the eyes by having a darker background, not less saturated by any means, as the player pops off quite distinctly even with out the black square. About 25 minutes long. 3.5/5


What color palette is that banner made from? it's soo good!


it's the pico8 palette <3 its super nice to work with <3


it reminds me of the bubblegum palette, i love it so much!!! tyy


who made the amazing pixel art banner for this page? So, so good.


the big summer fruit one? that was me! i'm so incredibly happy that you like it so much <3

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Nice little game. Final score: 2965 :)

It took me 2-3 levels of figuring out what to do (and discovering I couldn't lose), but I enjoyed the 'sneak/positioning'-mechanic . I had the feeling that I was getting better in it over time. The different bugs with their different behaviors made the levels interesting. As did the frog storyline ;)

It did feel a little unfair at the moments where I had to 'turn' (in stead of immediately walk) to catch a bug. My character would then run into the bug and it would fly away.

But all in all: nice job.

good score!

thank you very very much for playing and enjoying <3

yeah i wonder if there is a better way we could have done the turning.

thanks so much for the feedback and for playing <3 <3 <3

I’m no trailer pro, but I think perhaps more than one black panel with text would be better.


This was so good!!!!

our story score was 02830 hehehe


yay omg mr.boyfriend great job!!!! and thank you so much for playing!!!

i can't believe everyone that is playing summer fruit thank you so much! 

please post your hi-scores im so curious what people are getting


Nice little game!

thank you so much!


I just finished the story, and I thought the game was great! The whole "Sneak up on the bugs" thing was fun, and I liked the different behaviors of each of the bugs. The music and the cutscenes in the game were really good too!


thank you so much! im so happy you liked it and everything!!! thank you for playing too!


thank you everybody for downloading and playing! this is really awesome!


I loved it!! For a minute I thought the frog would be my rival and would eat all the bugs I was trying to catch. Anyway, congratulations!!


Congratulations on your release!!! Really fun, cute, and addictive game!! :D


hope you like my gameplay :)

thank you so much for playing! was absolutely fantastic to watch!


i am really happy to do a gameplay of both your games wish you the best luck on your future projects :)

nice graphics! i really liked it. it played it on twitch. later i will upload a video, i'll send it here

i was a little confused at first also with the net, i felt like there are some unfair situations; maybe you could add some delay after the bug sees the player, or increase that time if there is any

great game! i love the arcade aproach


amazing! thank you for playing! i'd love to see the video!

and great feedback thank you! i've been feeling the same way after watching people play, so will see what we can do :)

Controls was kinda confusing but it was fun to play!

thank you!!! which part of the controls was confusing, as i might be able to fix it :)

Yes i think too, the "catch" is too much slow, so the most part of the bugs can run away

Also, the movement is kinda slippery  and delay