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find lost fruit and mend your friends.


πŸ“ 20 minute playtime

πŸ“ relaxing little rpg game

πŸ“ no combat

🐸 frogs


πŸ‰ move - wasd

πŸ‰ bomb - z (when found)

πŸ‰ fullscreen - f


game - fruit friend (@MysteriousSwamp)

music - Rolemusic and Komiku

πŸ‘ 100% sale during this corona virus lockdown


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On Sale!
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$1.00 $0.00 USD or more

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fruit version 1.1.zip 29 MB

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A really cute and surprisingly fun game with unexpectedly intricate and good music in a vague but nicely interpretable world. Really reminds me of old-school Atari games in term of gameplay, and was simply a good time.  My only complaint is that it's a bit easy to get lost, a map that you fill out over gameplay would have been nice but otherwise it's definitely fun and well-made.


I love it!!! :

thank you!!!!!!!!! πŸ₯°


My full playthrough YouTube video on the game.


Adorable, fantastically simple lil' game! It was lovely seeing the areas restored to life :D


thank you!!! so happy you liked it <3 :D


Really beautiful cute game


thank you very very much! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


cute lil game! :)


thank you so much <3 <3 <3


very cool game i really enjoy it :D cheers for such a cool game


really nice, cute, little game. loved pressing the x key. great way to vent my RAGE! excellent choice of music (would you happen to know the names of the tracks used?). not sure if there was a good ending to reach, but still enjoyed how it ended in my playthrough.


thank you so much for playing guys! i commented on youtube just now too, but there is no alternative ending or anything but i would like to add a couple more things at some point.

thank you! the tracks are:


- Fetch Land

- Cave of time

- Quiet Saturday

- Resolution


- Poppies

- the river

I think Fetch Land is the one you liked when you played with the little dog sfx in it :)


I feel bad that I didn't catch all the falling fruit at the end!

Very relaxing and fun!  I was confused that I didn't have a bomb at first but quickly figured it out.  

what is the mystery of the X key?!


nooooo i'm sorry! please don't feel bad, any amount of fruit is plenty :)

i'm very glad to hear you found it relaxing! i might edit the bomb tutorial to the first bomb room as it is a little misleading!

yeah... the x key is a debug key for screenshake, i'll be patching that out in the next upload :D

thank you very very much for playing!!!



really cute game :) i liked being a strawberry wizard


that makes me so happy!!!! strawberry wizard πŸ’–πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈπŸ“

thank you very very much for playing πŸ₯°


omg, this is adorable!! i've only done my first try, i didn't realize i was healthing my friends on the first dance, lol. gonna revisit this in a few days or a week to actually do that. but i couldn't help but say that i love this so much ...


this comment is amazing i'm so glad you did say! thank you so much for playing and taking the time <3 im super happy you realised you can help your friends with the music powerup - i hope your second playthrough is so much fun, it really doesn't take long when you know the map <3


thank you everyone for playing and downloading! you are all amazing <3

Hello man, I like your design! How did you achieve such audience results?


Hello, I played the game and I THINK I did everything there is to do. Got two strawberries and turned everything back to life, got the watermelon so I could walk on water (incredibly clever upgrade btw :) and I think I found every area.

The momentum of the character is a bit strange, but I liked that you can move diagonally unlike zelda 1. 

I was very unclear on what to do other than explore-- I couldn't interact with any of the characters around the world or enter the houses, so I felt a bit confused!

The graphics were really cute and the music was nice, I liked how each area had its own music.

Anyways, that's my thoughts on the game. Good job! Also I'm currently working on my own game, if you want to help me by giving me feedback too :) Thanks!



thank you so much for the thoughtful comment about the whole game! im so happy you played, it means a lot to me :)

there are 3 fruits though! then you unlock the door (in the yellow castle) to the ending! you'll know when you reach the end as there are very short credits :) still sounds like you found pretty much everything else though well done!

i hoped it wouldn't be confusing with the houses but they are just there to be cute + only some of the npcs you can make happy... i can see how this is confusing sorry :p

just downloading your game now, the art-style looks really good :)

many many thanks - fruit friend πŸ“