A downloadable game for Windows

banana shop is an experiment of a card game, made from a real world card game i made in a couple days with my friends son (shout out to Tom F for his awesome banana drawings and a lovely afternoon).

you are running a banana shop and when you serve customers their card number is taken subtracted from your banana number (time - your banana number).

there are 2 of each card in the deck and the deck is the same every time, the draw order however is random.

your score is probably going to be minus numbers most of the time, that's totally fine normal - it's a weird game but i hope you have some fun.

there is no audio or anything... in fact, there isn't any art really either because i thought it would be cool to make the game with just text.


banana shop windows 32bit - 12th feb 2021.zip 17 MB


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Took me a minute but I got it! Sorry for being gone soon long and not replying. Hmu asap. Business to discuss and congratulations on the release. 💯

HMu on IG (@ThEnigmArtist)


I got almost good! my thanks to the both of you!

thank you for playing!!!

I had a hard time understanding the game :( I read the instructions and all, but it's pretty confusing.

thank you for downloading and giving it a go - i'll try and re-write the instructions this week to be clearer ❤️

great :) I'll give it another go then when it's ready, and you're welcome!